Did you know what custom t shirts are not only for us but for pets too? If you have pets at home, having custom shirts made for them is definitely a charming way to make them feel that they’re loved. In fact, you can even make a business out of it too! Totally hitting two birds with one stone.
However, how do you make a better shirt design for them? The tips below will teach you simple ways to do so.
Educate Yourself
First, do what you can to learn how to make custom shirts. Since you’re making one for your little furry babies, know what sizes to get, what type of material to …

Deciding when to send your pet to a veterinarian can be a tough choice to make. We provide signs that can guide owners to decide when to ask for medical veterinary assistance.
Breathing Difficulties
When your pet starts showing signs of breathing difficulty, see if the gums have become pale or turned to blue. If so, consult a veterinarian.
Appetite Loss
After two days’ loss of appetite, it may show an occurring illness that needs to be attended. Not eating can cause organ failure, energy loss, or possible death.
Urinating and Drinking Habit Changes
Disabled urination can be a medical issue …

An efficient groomer offers more than just haircuts. They can assist in giving a better experience to your pet. Here are five indications for you to know that your pet landed to a good groomer:
Safety and Health Emphasis
If the groomer puts your pet’s safety first, this is the first sign. When an accident happens, you should be entirely informed and told about how the issue was resolved.
Pet’s Calmness After the Appointment
For your pet, being groomed may be stressful, but should not cause traumas. If he is happy and calm after the session, it is another indication that the groomer is good.

Most of us know that cats can groom themselves, but they still need a little assistance in other parts. Here are 6 explanations why you should book your cat to an expert pet groomer:
Medical Condition
If your cat has a medical condition, he may need a special kind of grooming. Cats with diabetes are prone to produce greasy coating, which a groomer can deal with.
Less Flexible Cats May Cause Grooming Difficulties
Cats with less moving ability surely need grooming assistance. Older and obese cats will become less flexible and would have trouble reaching another part of their body…

Ear mites can cause cat’s ears to inflame, and mostly infest kittens that are in distress or living close to other cats. The adults develop ear mite immunity however those cats that are infested with larger ear mite numbers can still infest them. This may also affect dogs.
These are smaller compared to ticks. It consumes wax, skin flakes, and other substances found in the cat’s ears, which can cause damages permanently.
Here are the symptoms that you can observe when you suspect that ear mites infect your cat:

Your cat shakes his head
Your cat holds his ear and head at strange …

You would be unconcerned about the infestation of parasites in your pet. Many are not visible while fleas or ticks are frequently considered to be a nuisance rather than looking at them as a serious health issue. However, parasites are truly menacing, and here are five worst parasites that may infest your pet:


Mosquitoes transport heartworm larvae from an infected dog and transfer them to other pets using their bites. Treating it could cause fatal effects on dogs and cats, which is why preventing it is better than ignoring it.


Like us, our pets possess the immune system. It is responsible to repel illnesses. There are two types of them:

Inborn immune system – Body’s main defense against bacteria
Obtained immune system – When the system has encountered a disease before and obtained memory to fight against the illness again

Pets need to be vaccinated for two reasons:

Because of law in an area
Pet with outgoing lifestyle

Do All Pets Require to be Vaccinated?
Pets need vaccination, but it varies depending on regulations. One known universal vaccine is anti-rabies. The …

Veterinarians explain anesthetics as becoming unconscious and loss of sensation in the whole or a portion of the body caused by inhaled or injected drugs.
Is it Necessary?
Veterinarians normally administer anesthetics in the following situations:

When the procedure will cause serious pain
When the patient should be still
When the pet’s respiration should be secured
When the operation will take hours or complications might occur

Possible Risks
An anesthetic is not entirely risk-free. Some pets die because of it, which is why it is mostly administered to those …

Heartworms are infesting parasites transmitted through mosquito bites. It can compromise your pet’s life, and treating it will cost you a lot of money, so preventing it is a better option. Here are the 3 common methods to prevent the infestation of heartworms:
A registered veterinarian injects the heartworm prevention through the skin of your dog. The substance prevents heartworms from infesting the dog in a given amount of time depending on the kind of product. It may last either 6 or 12 months. When it expires, the pet may be injected again.
This is orally given once per month to …

It is important to keep your pet’s immune system in good condition for a healthy lifestyle. There are seven lifestyle decisions you can maintain to support your pet’s immune system.
Taking a walk, running, or playing fetch is an effective method to boost your pet’s resistance. Less activity causes weaker immunity.
Nutritious Diet
Giving your pet a healthy and nutritious diet is needed to induce a healthier immune system. Foods that do not give balanced nutrition lead to illnesses.
Healthy Weight
Less activity may also lead to …