Common Misconceptions Regarding Cataract Surgery

Dr. Zigler's Comments:

"Antioxidant nutritional supplements" - have never been proven to slow or arrest the development of a cataract.

"Surgery to remove the lens is recommended only in severe cases". Most complications from cataract surgery arise because cases are referred too late. Cataract surgery in humans has a high degree of success partly because the surgery is done very early in the development of the cataract. Once lens induced inflammation is present in dogs, the complication rate increases notably.

"Lens replacement is not done because complications are too great". Implantation of intraocular lenses is done in some cases as a routine. Complications are unusual.

"Don't worry about modest changes". This is very very wrong. Having an examination done when early changes are noted affords us the best opportunity to early and uncomplicated cataract surgery.

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