5 Risky Parasites in Your Pet

You would be unconcerned about the infestation of parasites in your pet. Many are not visible while fleas or ticks are frequently considered to be a nuisance rather than looking at them as a serious health issue. However, parasites are truly menacing, and here are five worst parasites that may infest your pet:

  1. Heartworms

Mosquitoes transport heartworm larvae from an infected dog and transfer them to other pets using their bites. Treating it could cause fatal effects on dogs and cats, which is why preventing it is better than ignoring it.

  1. Fleas

These itchy parasites cause plague, bartonellosis, and typhus to pets and humans. They eat lots of blood and cause anemia. Ensure your pet’s safety with flea eliminators.

  1. Ticks

Ticks may not be dangerous but their bites cause Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis. Prevent it by using effective substances and removing ticks from your dog after spending time outside.

  1. Intestinal Worms

Hookworms and roundworms can infect cats and dogs. It is important to deworm your kittens and puppies because they can also infect humans.

  1. Toxoplasmosis

This parasite that infests cats is single-celled. The infected feces can contaminate adults, especially pregnant women. Keeping your cat indoors can help prevent Toxoplasmosis.

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