Heartworms are infesting parasites transmitted through mosquito bites. It can compromise your pet’s life, and treating it will cost you a lot of money, so preventing it is a better option. Here are the 3 common methods to prevent the infestation of heartworms:
A registered veterinarian injects the heartworm prevention through the skin of your dog. The substance prevents heartworms from infesting the dog in a given amount of time depending on the kind of product. It may last either 6 or 12 months. When it expires, the pet may be injected again.
This is orally given once per month to …

It is important to keep your pet’s immune system in good condition for a healthy lifestyle. There are seven lifestyle decisions you can maintain to support your pet’s immune system.
Taking a walk, running, or playing fetch is an effective method to boost your pet’s resistance. Less activity causes weaker immunity.
Nutritious Diet
Giving your pet a healthy and nutritious diet is needed to induce a healthier immune system. Foods that do not give balanced nutrition lead to illnesses.
Healthy Weight
Less activity may also lead to …