Deciding when to send your pet to a veterinarian can be a tough choice to make. We provide signs that can guide owners to decide when to ask for medical veterinary assistance.
Breathing Difficulties
When your pet starts showing signs of breathing difficulty, see if the gums have become pale or turned to blue. If so, consult a veterinarian.
Appetite Loss
After two days’ loss of appetite, it may show an occurring illness that needs to be attended. Not eating can cause organ failure, energy loss, or possible death.
Urinating and Drinking Habit Changes
Disabled urination can be a medical issue …

Like us, our pets possess the immune system. It is responsible to repel illnesses. There are two types of them:

Inborn immune system – Body’s main defense against bacteria
Obtained immune system – When the system has encountered a disease before and obtained memory to fight against the illness again

Pets need to be vaccinated for two reasons:

Because of law in an area
Pet with outgoing lifestyle

Do All Pets Require to be Vaccinated?
Pets need vaccination, but it varies depending on regulations. One known universal vaccine is anti-rabies. The …

Veterinarians explain anesthetics as becoming unconscious and loss of sensation in the whole or a portion of the body caused by inhaled or injected drugs.
Is it Necessary?
Veterinarians normally administer anesthetics in the following situations:

When the procedure will cause serious pain
When the patient should be still
When the pet’s respiration should be secured
When the operation will take hours or complications might occur

Possible Risks
An anesthetic is not entirely risk-free. Some pets die because of it, which is why it is mostly administered to those …

It is important to keep your pet’s immune system in good condition for a healthy lifestyle. There are seven lifestyle decisions you can maintain to support your pet’s immune system.
Taking a walk, running, or playing fetch is an effective method to boost your pet’s resistance. Less activity causes weaker immunity.
Nutritious Diet
Giving your pet a healthy and nutritious diet is needed to induce a healthier immune system. Foods that do not give balanced nutrition lead to illnesses.
Healthy Weight
Less activity may also lead to …