Do Vaccines Cause Harm to Pets?

Like us, our pets possess the immune system. It is responsible to repel illnesses. There are two types of them:

  • Inborn immune system – Body’s main defense against bacteria
  • Obtained immune system – When the system has encountered a disease before and obtained memory to fight against the illness again

Pets need to be vaccinated for two reasons:

  • Because of law in an area
  • Pet with outgoing lifestyle

Do All Pets Require to be Vaccinated?

Pets need vaccination, but it varies depending on regulations. One known universal vaccine is anti-rabies. The administration of other vaccines depends on the decision of the family or veterinarian.

Side Effects of Vaccines

When your pet is vaccinated, he may encounter side effects like other medications and injections, however, they are known to be rare. Here are some of the possible side effects that may take place:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever

These side effects will be disclosed to you before performing the vaccination. If the side effects occur, veterinarians typically separate vaccinations between two sessions to decrease the chances of your pet being at risk. In case your pet experiences shock afterward, you should immediately visit a veterinarian.

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