Explore CBD Oil as a Natural Remedy for Dog Anxiety

Does your dog seem to be out of character? It may be struggling with anxiety. You will notice increased vigilance, energy, and restlessness among other things. It’s caused by change, adjustments in their current environment, and harsh conditions. It may be a simple thing such as your neighbor buying another dog or a complex situation such as attending a fireworks show. CBD oil for anxiety will help you take care of your anxious dog. It will calm it down so that it settles back to normal quickly.

CBD oil for dogs with anxiety is a natural strategy to help your pet achieve normalcy. Here are things you should know.

  • CBD oil is used to treat anxiety in dogs, and symptoms of PTSD, and help rescue dogs adjust to their new homes. Experts agree that it works!
  • Many factors influence the correct dosage for your dog. It is ok to adjust the dosage to get your desired results. For instance, if there is no change in the dog’s temperament for over an hour after a dose, increase the dosage and observe for an hour. Also, you can get dog treats made with CBD oil and feed them every hour while monitoring. Once you establish a daily dose for your specific dog, you only need to give it once a day.
  • It will not make your dog high. CBD oil does not contain the psychoactive element that carries the high. The oil will enable your dog to relax and settle down.
  • Be vigilant when buying CBD oil for dogs with anxiety. While CBD is beneficial to your dog, THC is considered dangerous. Check labels and confirm the amounts and potency levels of each in a product. Consult wisely if in doubt.
  • You can give the dog CBD oil directly with the dropper. This is the best direct method as opposed to foods containing oil. You can also mix it with its drinks, meals, and snacks.
  • Similarly, you can give your dog the normal CBD oil that you use, but consult with an expert before administering high doses or prolonged usage. Keep away from the dog CBD oil that contains high levels of THC. If you feed your dog high amounts of THC, you are aggravating the situation. The dog will get more agitated, and wild, and might even turn on you.

Your dog will not experience joint pain or discomfort from the use of CBD oil for anxiety. Adverse side effects include a dry mouth and thirst, decreased blood pressure, and drowsiness.

The use of CBD oil to manage dogs is similar to therapies recommended to people. Besides anxiety, it can be used to alleviate pain and stop seizures. It can also be used to manage inflammation, heart disease, and appetite among others.

CBD oil for anxiety is a great way to calm your dog and get it to settle down. It could be the difference between a wild uncontrollable dog and a happy companion. Do your due diligence and consult an expert to learn about new developments. Don’t wait for a drug prescription or the next visit to the vet to give your dog relief from anxiety and pain.

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