How to Cure Joint Pain in Dogs

Just as CBD oil is beneficial in various ways to human beings, it is also beneficial for our pets. Many dog owners have attempted to treat their dogs with CBD oil with many positive results that are worthy of celebration. If you want to know about some of these great CBD oil benefits for dogs, you’re at the right place. Let’s get started.

What Effects Does CBD Oil Have on Dogs?

CBD oils are generally safe and effective for dogs. When the proper dosage is administered, your dog will most likely not experience any side effects. However, the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Surveyed Dog Owners researched the effects of CBD on dogs. They reported the following cases.

  • CBD Oils acted as sedatives 19% of the time.
  • 5% of the dogs experienced an increased appetite for food.
  • 4% of the dogs were weak and displayed a lack of energy.
  • 2.7% of the dogs had panic reactions to the product.
  • CBD oils increased their water consumption, causing excessive drinking 2.3% of the time.
  • Nausea and vomiting were experienced 1.7% of the time.
  • There was also increased seizures and impaired mental functioning in 0.7% of the dogs.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil to Dogs

dogs in cannabis field

CBD Oil Cures Joint Pain in Dogs Without Side Effects

Although most dog owners administer NSAIDs to their dogs for joint pain, they may cause deterioration of the joints and soft tissues in the long run. CBD oils are, however, natural and cure dogs’ joint pains without side effects. CBD oil also helps to reduce inflammations.

CBD Oil Slows the Growth of Cancerous Tumors in Dogs

Cancer researchers have identified CBD as a promising cancer-fighting substance for dogs. They help relieve pain and nausea caused by different cancer treatments while slowing the growth of cancer tumours in dogs.

CBD Oil Serves as a Treatment for Epilepsy

CBD oil is great for dogs that are experiencing different levels of seizures and epileptic symptoms. Unlike antiepileptic drugs that have serious side effects on dogs, CBD products drastically reduce the frequency of seizures without side effects on the dogs.

CBD Oil Helps Dogs with Anxiety Disorder

Our furry little friends also experience some levels of anxiety disorder. This is usually heartbreaking, and we must find ways to make them feel better. CBD oil is very effective in this aspect, as it calms the dog, making it relax and feel better.

CBD Oil is a Great Pain Remedy for Dogs

Sometimes, dogs suffer from arthritis or general body pain, making them uncomfortable and unhappy. If this is the case with your dog, you should consider talking to your vet about buying CBD oil for your dog. CBD oils are great remedies for pain.

Factors to Consider When Buying CBD Oil for Your Dog

Check Out the Certificate of Analysis

Never make the mistake of buying CBD oil for your dog without properly reading the certificate of analysis (COA). If the CBD oil doesn’t have a COA, kindly move on to the next brand. You don’t want to buy a product with contents that are harmful to your dog. When reading the COA, check for the amount and type of cannabinoids in the CBD oil, check for the percentage of THC in the oil (0.03%), confirm if a third party has tested the product, and check to be sure that there are no contaminants.

Organic CBD Oils are Usually Better

Although not all CBD oils are made from organic sources, you should search for organic products. They are usually more effective, with fewer side effects. If you can’t find an organic CBD oil, look for any good oil that does not contain solvents, pesticides, or fungicides.

Don’t Worry Too Much About the Price

Concentrate more on the quality rather than the price of CBD oil. Sometimes, the cheaper products may not have the required contents in a good CBD oil. Cheaper CBD oils may sometimes contain heavy metal contents, additives, and other toxic substances that are harmful when administered to your dog.

Liquid CBD Products are Better for Dogs

CBD products are of different kinds. However, it is better to buy CBD in liquid form for your dogs. It would be much easier to administer and control the dosage by administering the dosage drop by drop. Liquid CBD products come in oils and tinctures.

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