Seven Methods to Maintain Your Pet’s Healthy Immune System

It is important to keep your pet’s immune system in good condition for a healthy lifestyle. There are seven lifestyle decisions you can maintain to support your pet’s immune system.


Taking a walk, running, or playing fetch is an effective method to boost your pet’s resistance. Less activity causes weaker immunity.

Nutritious Diet

Giving your pet a healthy and nutritious diet is needed to induce a healthier immune system. Foods that do not give balanced nutrition lead to illnesses.

Healthy Weight

Less activity may also lead to obesity that can affect your pet’s immune system. It creates excessive inflammation that distracts the immune system to fight it instead of repelling infective bacteria.

Taking a Bath

Dogs should take baths every two to six weeks to ward off skin infection that can affect the immune system.

Preventing Heartworms

Heartworm can cause the weakening of your pet. Preventing it enables a healthier immune system.

FeLV Vaccination

Adventurous cats should be vaccinated with the Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) vaccine to avoid the weakening of your cat’s immune system.

Correct Administration of Antibiotics

Prescribed antibiotics should be completely administered until the last pill as told by your vet. Not doing so will alter bacteria to be antibiotics-resistant.

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