What are Cat Ear Mites?

Ear mites can cause cat’s ears to inflame, and mostly infest kittens that are in distress or living close to other cats. The adults develop ear mite immunity however those cats that are infested with larger ear mite numbers can still infest them. This may also affect dogs.

These are smaller compared to ticks. It consumes wax, skin flakes, and other substances found in the cat’s ears, which can cause damages permanently.


Here are the symptoms that you can observe when you suspect that ear mites infect your cat:

  • Your cat shakes his head
  • Your cat holds his ear and head at strange angles
  • Scratching around your cat’s ears, neck, and head
  • Ears have dark powdery discharge
  • Yeast or bacterial infections

If these show, you better contact a veterinarian.


Fortunately, many medications are accessible to exterminate the ear mites. Veterinarians can guide you to identify the best option to treat the infestation.


Using preventive substances against ticks, fleas and other infesting parasites regularly will help exterminate the infestation of ear mites in cats. Since it is contagious, you may ask your veterinarian for the best preventative that you can use for your pets.

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