What You Need to Know About Vaping Around Pets

Many packaging on vaping products is often labeled with warnings saying that its contents are dangerous for children or pets. People have more awareness of its risks though it’s considered safer compared to cigarettes.

One of these risks is vaping poisoning, which is a serious concern for many pet owners. Poisoning from vapes happens when pets ingest the e-juice or are exposed to too much vapor. Continue reading to understand better how to smoke vape juice when you’re around your pets.

Effects of Vape Smoke on Pets

Exposure to vapor from these devices is dangerous to pets. Thus, it’s still vital to know how your pets will respond when they experience poisoning from second-hand vape smoke. Here are some of the symptoms you should be on the lookout for:

  • Vomiting
  • High pulse and heartbeat
  • Changing moods
  • Aggressiveness
  • Too much drooling
  • Diarrhea

If they’re untreated, there can be more serious consequences which can be devastating. The possible long-term effects if people regularly vape around their pets are as follows:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Muscle weakness
  • Heart failure due to muscle weakness
  • Blackouts
  • Shaking and tremors
  • Lethargy
  • Seizures

Can You Vape Around Your Pets?

The short answer is yes. But, you should be more careful and responsible when doing it. You likely wonder now what you can do to enjoy your vape without putting your pets’ health in danger. Here are some things that you can do:

  • Keep e-liquids away from your pets all the time. Many e-juice bottles are safe for children. But, your pets can pierce through the packaging using their teeth. That’s why it’s very important that your pets can’t get near them.
  • If you’re not using your e-cigarettes or vaporizers, lock them in a place that can’t be reached by your pets.
  • It’s recommended to vape away from your pets or ensure that there’s ample ventilation in the area where you vape if you’re with your pets.
  • Make sure your pets aren’t in the same room as your external charger for your batteries.
  • Call your vet right away or bring your pets to the nearest pet clinic if an accident occurs.
  • Use non-nicotine vape juice when you vape sound pets. Since there’s an increase in the cases of nicotine poisoning in pets, it’s best to use non-nicotine vape flavors when you vape with your pets. You can also consider using flavors that your pets don’t like.
  • Know the signs of nicotine poisoning in pets. If you see any signs of nicotine poisoning, you should reach out to the nearest Animal Poison Control Center.

Pets are considered family, so doing these precautions can help a lot in keeping them safe. Being a little careless can cause a lot of damage. Put simply, you have to be a responsible pet owner and vape user.

Using vapes around pets can become more common since more and more people are opting to switch to vapes from cigarettes. It’s very helpful to understand the possible dangers when you vape around pets. But, these can all be prevented when you’re extra careful.

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